E Commerce and Subscription Based Services

E-Commerce and Subscription-Based Services

Ecommerce Malaysia started out its life in the country as a C2C business or customer to customer business in such platforms like Lelong and Mudah where customers met seller through face to face encounters which were called COD or cash on delivery.

It had grown to include sellers selling goods to buyers on online marketplaces such as Lazada and Shopee and many others that allowed for a faster transaction, a hassle free experience and the tracking of a customers product via online tracking on most of the major courier services in Malaysia.

Now, it has evolved to include paid streaming content services that include Netflix, Iflix, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. This has changed the landscape of e-commerce as previously e-commerce was primarily used for the purchasing of goods and some services that was not content streaming services.

These content streaming services earn their revenue through paid subscriptions of their services. Their free services allow advertisements to be played and are generally there to also be a nuisance for the consumer so as to create such an annoyance that it forces to consumer to pay to get rid of the advertisements.

An example of a company that does this is Spotify which offer their streaming service for free for consumers to download and listen to music but it continually interrupts their listening experience with advertisements and do not allow their consumers of the base account to download the songs, skip multiple songs and the inability to go back to a previously listened song.

In essence, these type of streaming services are ushering a new opportunity for e-commerce growth as more and more people are listening to podcasts, music and watching movies on the go rather than of more traditional ways of consuming content. It is opined that this is a great way to grow and diversify e-commerce.

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